1. You are good and want to become even better.

How can you increase your company’s shareholder value? How can your teams become even more professional and more effective? How can innovations and trendsetting play a bigger role within a company? What personnel concepts do you need in an expansion phase?

2. The market is changing, and you have to react.

How can you optimize your market presence? How can you motivate your staff in times of increasing pressure to succeed? How can you adapt specific business units, your overall business structure or your workflow to the market developments? How can you increase customer loyalty?

3. You feel you need competent help with HR-related matters.

How can you already find out during the recruiting stage which candidates will be the best employees? What are the most appropriate personnel development concepts for your company? How can you ensure top-quality training and further qualifications for your workforce? What can you do to retain good members of staff on a long-term basis? How can you create a greater sense of responsibility amongst your personnel?

4. You are faced with a new situation.

How can you unite teams from different cultures, e.g. after a merger, to form a new company? What is the key to working efficiently with new co-operation partners, e.g. in cross-selling? How can you hand over your life’s work to qualified successors and have it developed further by them?